WITH ALMOST 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE LISTING AND SELLING A DIVERSE RANGE OF PROPERTIES IN THE BLUE MOUNTAINS REGION, CATRIONA SWAN IS ABLY QUALIFIED TO CHAT ABOUT ALL MATTERS REAL ESTATE WITH US. Q The property market seems to be changing. How are you finding things in the Blue Mountains? AIn recent months we have seen a slowing of the market in terms of the number of transactions and the average days it takes to sell. Having said that we are finding that Sydney buyers are continuing to move to the area for a genuine lifestyle change. The fresh air, green vistas and space to enjoy a real tree change lifestyle, coupled with relative affordability is continuing to drive buyers westward. Q What advice would you give sellers considering putting their home on the market this year? AI think when the market becomes a little tougher the best advice for sellers is to remain positive and present their home in its very best light. While buyers in this market feel a little more in control than they have in the past, it’s important to remember that buying a home is often an emotional decision as well as financial one. If you can connect buyers emotionally to the property it will be much easier to progress the sale. Ensure that you have beautiful presentation of the home with clean open spaces, use professional photography to showcase your property, provide clear floor plans detailing the flexible use of space, and use an experienced agent with great communication skills to best convey the properties features to prospective buyers. Q Do you think that buyers have become more savvy around price comparisons and property sales history? AThere is no doubt that buyers today come prepared with property specific data, local area statistics such as the median house price and local area sales results, and often a list of questions for the agent and vendor. To ensure a successful sales campaign the agent and the vendor should be well prepared and well educated about what’s happening in the marketplace as well as specifics about the property. At the end of the day both vendors and purchasers generally feel most at ease when they are making an informed decision. To discuss your specific property questions feel free to contact Catriona Swan on 0414 903 613. WE SPOKE TO LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENT CATRIONA SWAN OF LEURA ABOUT RECENT CHANGES IN THE LOCAL PROPERTY MARKET. MARKET INSIGHTS