b'FEATUREHow Does THE WEATHER Affect Your SOLAR PANELS?HERES WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HOW SOLAR PANELS WORK, HOW WEATHER MAY AFFECT THEM, AND WHAT TO DO WHEN THE WEATHER IS LESS THAN IDEAL.HOW SOLAR PANELS WORK need direct sunlight in order to work. The way the sun is projected onto If youre unfamiliar about how solar panels work, heres the rundown. Solara solar cell doesnt necessarily require direct sunlight, solar cells just panels convert sunlightnot the suns heatdirectly into electricityneed the photons emitted from the sun. Even if its cloudy outside, the through photovoltaic cells that capture the energy of the sun in thesuns photons are still being spread into the atmosphere and absorbed form of DC energy and convert this DC energy via a solar inverter to ACinto thepanels. This explains why your solar panels still produce energy energy, this AC energy is what is used in your home. during overcast days, although the output is impacted.Your inverter is wired into your main switch board where the AC energyThis is where the efficiency of your panel comes into play. To ensure is utilised in your home first and if any excess energy is available it will bethe best output possible it is important to have a very efficient panel with sent to the grid in exchange for a feed in tariff. If a battery is utilised ona high output coupled with the most efficient inverter possible.the home the excess energy will be stored for night time use, oppose to being sold to the grid. YOU ARENT PROTECTED FROM BLACKOUTSOne of the most common misconceptions about solar is that theyLets just clarify this very quickly, this is a very commonand fairquestion that we get asked a lot. The short answer is, no. Having solar does not protect you from blackouts. Let us explain why.As long as you are connected to the grid, you will still experience a blackout, just like everyone else. Unless you have a solar battery installed or an independent off-grid system, you wont have any access to power during a blackout. To have power during black outs ask about our Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery system.THE IMPACT OF DIFFERENT WEATHER ON SOLAR PANELSIf you can survive summer in Australia, its safe to say that you can survive almost anything. But, what about your solar panels? In the solar industry, manufacturers rate their solar panels for peak temperatures and snow/wind loads. Lower tier panels typically arent as durable or efficient as higher tier panels, and this is usually reflected in the cost.Some companies, like Hanwha Q CELLS, have designed their solar panels specifically for Australian conditions and is the industry leader of extreme weather testing and ratings, including putting the panels through brutal testing in the Australian outback and replicating cyclone conditions.74Blue Mountainslife'