b'FOODThe Sweet LifeTHE SWEET LIFEBy: Liliana BattleThe Sweet Life showcases the beautiful and diverse range of Italian baking and sweet treats. From biscuits and every day cakes, to rustic tarts, decadent chocolate, cupcakes, fruity treats and amazing pastries, to incredible show stopping celebratory cakes there is a recipe here for every occasion. Some are traditional, others are modern day twists on the classics, but all are delicious and easy to make. New Holland Publishers.PARIS BREST Spoon dollops of the choux pastryLine a second oven tray without and discard. Set aside to cool 1 quantity Choux pastry dough dough into a large circle around 25baking paper. Using a serratedcompletely.1 quantity Vanilla Custard Cream cm (10 in) round and 45 cm (12knife, carefully cut the cookedPlace the base of the Paris Brest 1 quantity Chocolate Custardin) high. Cook for 5 minutes, thenpastry round in half horizontally.onto a serving plate. Generously CREAM reduce heat to 180C (350F) andYou need to do this while its stilldollop the vanilla and chocolate 100g dark chocolate, melted cook for a further 50 minutes, orwarm or it may crack as you try tocustard over the top. I like to 50g aked almonds, toasted until golden, dry and crisp. Turn thecut it. alternate the blobs of custard, but oven off and leave the pastry in thePlace cut side up on the two ovenyou can layer it if you like. Place Preheat your oven to 210C (410F).oven for a further 30 minutes. trays and cook for 5 minutes tothe second half on top, drizzle with Line a large oven tray with bakingRemove from the oven, and turndry out the interior. If there is anymelted chocolate and sprinkle with paper. the oven back on to 180C (350F).soft dough remaining just scrape ittoasted aked almonds.66Blue Mountainslife'