b'FEATUREWelcome back to theCENTRAL WESTWE WANT YOU BACK.O range is fast becoming known as oneCool climate wines and destination dining.of Australias best wine districts, with local wines regularly winning national and international awards. This wine industry growth, in tandem with the continuing development of Oranges already highly regarded gourmet restaurant and cafe culture has bolstered the regions growing reputation a food and wine capital.Orange is of course about food and wine, but a 360 degree viewpoint shows you that its also aboutRediscover a full spectrum of events and the small historic villages that fill the region with character (and characters!); sport and adventure activities including cycling andexperiences in Orange NSW, all year round.bushwalking trails; a burgeoning retail sector with high-end, fashion savvy boutiques and homewares, and an abundance of natural beauty. Long regarded as Australias Colour City, Orange experiences each season in its truest manifestation. orange360.com.auGreen and gold shine bright in Spring, with the bud-burst of heritage parks and gardens and happy brilliance of undulating canola fields 54Blue Mountainslife '