b'HOMEMicklegate was built by an English family named House and the laneway adjacent is named after them. t here are many reasons why Micklegatebuilt around 1905, which fuses many of the bestoriginal homestead Lorado is now located on in the beautiful Central Tablelands iselements of the past and present. It has higha neighbouring property and was said to have an incredible find. This true-blue sliceceilings, beautiful chandeliers, several woodbeen visited by Ben Hall.of Australian history, a rolling countryfires and ornate federation detailing along withDuring the Second World War Micklegate property with connections to theducted air conditioning, cottage style kitchenhosted a young girl who was sent there to bushranger Ben Hall, is located just a fewand renovated bathroom. avoid bombing in London. After the fall of minutes outside the City of Bathurst. The current house also has a fascinatingSingapore, the British connection continued as If you havent visited Bathurst in a while, its ahistory. Micklegate was built by an Englishit was turned into a boarding house for ex-pats, town which has undergone incredible changesfamily named House and the laneway adjacentdivided into male and female quarters.in recent years, boasting world-class educationis named after them. The house takes its nameThe house is listed as an excellent and rare facilities, five-star restaurants, beautifulfrom the smallest gate in the fortified walls ofexample of a large house belonging to the vineyards, a massive entertainment and culturalYork, England. The property is much older andFederation period in the Queen Anne Style centre and an upgraded hospital. was originally part of a larger parcel of land thatin the Bathurst Regional Heritage Inventory. Micklegate is a six-bedroom country manorwas between 2,000 and 20, 000 acres. TheThe report notes that even the outhouse is in38Blue Mountainslife'