b'PEOPLEVERTICAL LIMITSROCK CLIMBING AND PAINTING ARE A PERFECT b MATCH FOR THE HAWKESBURYS TARYN MALZARD.lue Mountains Life magazine caughtTMI felt the need to look beyond the up with Taryn Malzard to find out howstereotypical big valley views and cliff lines, shes bringing to life hidden worldsand show another whole world deep within through her art. the mountains. The body of work Im currently working on is called The Underworld. Its a series of Pastel works of many of the canyons BMLYou spend a lot of time hanging offIve explored, throughout the Blue Mountains the side of cliffs, seeing things a lot of peopleThe concept initially came after an invitation dont normally get to. to take part in a group exhibition based on Blue Mountains scenery for Gallery One88, in TMAs a rock climber, canyoner and hiker,Katoomba. nature is where I go to recharge. Its almost as essential to me as breathing. BMLWhat role does nature play in your For me to then later in my studio drawart?or paint some of these places Ive explored, recreates some of the sense of what I felt whenTMI have an equal love of both landscape physically in each place. Its great therapy! and portraiture, but for very different reasons. Interesting enough I realized only recently, the BMLThe Blue Mountains has world- series of canyon paintings is something along famous national parks but many people dontechoing off the smooth, polished, canyon walls.the lines of what Ive been drawn to before.get the chance to explore them. You feel as if you are standing in a whole other16 years ago, I was one of 9 selected finalists realm. to be exhibited at Gosford Regional Galleries, TMThere is something magical about theseEmerging Exhibition. I had 12 works, all inspired places. The earthy damp smell of moss. TheBMLYou recently painted a series onby water and capturing the impression of chill in the air. The sound of the flowing watercanyons, drawing on your experience as a hiker. movement around obstacles in its way. TheBlue Mountainslife33'