b'ELIMINATING the StressYOUR ONE-STOP SOLUTION TO ELIMINATE BILLS AND LEAVE ONLY BRILLIANT MEMORIES OF m emorial Ceremonies are a topic YOURSELF FOR YOUR LOVED ONES most people tend to avoid, and planning for one can seem downright uncomfortable. It might feel like we are dwelling on the negative. But in fact, it can be a very considerate choice. Your taking care of Memorial Ceremony arrangements and expenses ahead of time can be a real gift to those who will be grieving when you pass away. And it could save your family a substantial sum of money along the way.As an adult, it has always been prudent to set aside money to take care of any large unexpected expenses or illnesses. A Memorial Ceremony is no different. The key is to understand how a pre-paid plan for a Memorial Are the payments themselves reasonable? loved ones go through a tough time, they will Ceremony works.How long does the policy take to pay off? be making arrangements and paying for themWhat happens if the person passes awaywithout knowledge of your planning. RegardlessWHAT IS A PRE-PAIDbefore the policy has been paid off? of how you choose to pre-pay for a Memorial MEMORIAL CEREMONY?What happens if the Memorial Home shouldCeremony, be sure your family members knowIt is just what it sounds likea set ofclose or change ownership? what arrangements have been made and have arrangements, as detailed as you desire, that What are the consumer protections in Newcopies of important papers. have been paid for ahead of time (meaningSouth Wales? Once you have retired, paid off the mortgage, either the money has already been paid or has What exactly does the money you pay cover? and the children have left home, what you need been set aside for this purpose). There are What happens if you move away? is a way to pay for any expenses you leave different ways to do this, depending on your What happens if costs rise before you passbehind when you pass. With no way to pay forpreferences and financial concerns. We believeaway? the expenses of a Memorial Ceremony, families that the best way is through a trust account What happens to the interest thats earned onoften experience a financial burden during athrough a Memorial Home. the payments you make? time of intense grief. Can you cancel the contract and have yourMany of us have experienced the death of aWHAT IS A TRUST ACCOUNTmoney refunded if you change your mind? loved one and remember how stressful it was THROUGH A MEMORIAL HOME? TR Brownjohn Memorial Home can answerto juggle our grief, the Memorial Ceremony When a person passes away, his or her assetsall your questions and concerns and help youplanning, and the financial obligations. The can be temporarily unavailableeven to ato make decisions in a relaxed and intelligentthought of our spouse or children going through family memberuntil the estate is settled.manner. the same experience is unbearable.Therefore, more and more people are buying aWhat can we do to protect our families from pre-paid Memorial Ceremony Plan through aBUT ABOVE ALL, FAMILYthis financial burden? How can we make sure specific Memorial Home, purchasing it eitherCOMMUNICATION IS CRITICAL they arent left with a financial burden when we with a lump sum or payments over 24 months.A person may plan and pre-pay for his or herpass?In many ways, this streamlines and simplifies theown Memorial Ceremony, but fail to informThe first step in purchasing a pre-paid whole process. Further, the funds are put into afamily members. Sometimes the details are inMemorial Ceremony would be to set up an trust account which is controlled by the statethe persons will, but the will is often not readappointment with the pre-eminent Memorial of New South Wales and invested in a capitaluntil after the Memorial Ceremony. Similarly,Home in the Blue Mountains, The TR program. The funds are 100% secure. a person might keep the contract in a safetyBrownjohn Memorial Home which has three However, before doing so, there are alwaysdeposit box, but grieving family members mayoffices to serve you.As Thomas Brownjohn questions the careful consumer needs to ask,not go through that box right away. says,.Its time we had a talk. He is there 24/7 such as: In any event, despite your attempt to help yourat (02) 4782 2613.Blue Mountainslife89'