b'LIFT YOUR SELF-ESTEEMA PASSION FOR HELPING OTHERS IS WHAT DRIVES JILL MCIVER.Blue Mountains Life magazine asks awardAsupporting their local businesses. its a true-After many years working in the industry, winning injector Jill Mclver the secret to herI had always had a dream of working forblue Aussie thing! successful non-surgical cosmetic clinic in themyself. In 2016, I won injector of the year for the Hawkesbury. leading clinic I was working for out of over 100Q In your business, you must form strong experienced injectors.relationships and build trust with your QThis gave me the confidence to go it aloneclients?Your skills are quite unique, how did you become involved in the industry?and Define by Jill was born! I spent many monthsA Absolutely, its about being true to your Aresearching where I would open my first clinic,values; Trust, Passion, Pride and Honesty. I It was approaching my 30th Birthday and I had been thinking for a long time aboutI wanted to be part of a community. Havinghave many long-standing customers that have having anti-wrinkle injections, I eventuallyworked in and around the lower Blue Mountainsbecome friends over the past 10 years, this is decided to go for it. I booked in at a clinic inarea for the past 8 years, I knew I wanted myour face after all, its a trust thing. Bondi, when I arrived, I was met by the loveliestbusiness to be in a community rather then and Nurse who was administrating my treatment.an Urban centre. Something was drawing meQ It must be rewarding to have so many Being a Nurse my self I was very interestedto the country charm of Windsor. I dont knowsatisfied customers?in the procedure and how everything worked.what it was, maybe because Im originally fromA It blows me away every day to see what I mentioned to the Nurse I would like to getEngland? I spent a couple of days driving aroundpeople say about me! It just shows when into the industry and left it at that. A couple ofthe area to get a feel of what it was like. Theyou feel good on the outside you feel good on months later while I was at work at a Privatecommunity and speaking to the locals drew me inthe inside! I feel humbled! hospital, the Nurse from the Bondi clinic calledmore and more. I came across a vacant business me. She said she has just received a call fromspace on Macquarie Street and after talking toQ Do you get satisfaction about assisting a company that wanted her to get on board,other business owners in the complex who wereyour loyal customers with their but the opportunity was just not right for her.also so warm and welcoming. I instantly knew thisappearance and self-esteem?But she mentioned to them that that she hadwas where I was going to open Define by Jill. ItA Absolutely, the most satisfying part of met me and referred me for the role. The restwas definitely the right decision.my job is when clients return. The return is history, the directors and company wererate for clients is 90 per cent. When a client awesome. They trained me to the highestQrebooks they tell me about how great they feel What do you love about the community possible level, it was the perfect company foryou work in? within themselves and a less tired version of my entry into the industry.Athemselves, this is a very rewarding part of my The loyalty and support of the locals as well as the support of other business injob as I feel I am helping others, its not all about Qthe area has been phenomenal, you would onlylooking good on the outside its also about how How did you come to open your own clinic in Windsor?get this in a place like Windsor! Locals likewe feel on the inside.The Hawkesburys premier non-surgical cosmetic clinic.DERMAL FILLERS | ANTI WRINKLE INJECTIONS | BELKYRAPlease feel free to reach out and contact us about any questions you may have.Shop 1, 34-36 Macquarie Street, Windsor, NSW 2756Clinic Open: Tuesday to Saturdaym 0414 777 721 e clinic@definebyjill.com w www.definebyjill.com'