b'www.thomsonsgardenscentre.com.auOVER 1,000 ROSES AND 1,000 TREES IN STOCKBay Tree Nursery. Specialising in local plants.THE BAY TREE NURSERYThe Bay Tree Nursery is located in the village of Clarence and is owned and operated by Bill Grattan.Bill has been in the horticulture industry for many years and is fully qualified. He is also quite well known in the field. He has in the past held positions at NSW Parliament House, Kirribilli House, Taronga Zoo and the old Lewisham Hospital. From FromSince entering the retail field he has owned and operated his business in 3$29.95 $39.95different locations, the first was in Leura, Hartley Valley and Mt Victoria. The nursery specialises in perennials, trees and shrubs, many of which are not common and some are even more hard to find.Lightweight Pots Lightweight BowlsFrom Available$699.95 In ManyShapesCast Iron Fountain Atlantis RangeJust JustArrived ArrivedBill GrattansThe Bay Tree Nursery Stonelite Pots - Sandstone, Lion Fountains Animal StatuesA fabulous collection of ornamental, nativeConcrete & Charcoal Cast Iron Urnsand fruit trees with an onsite horticulturist. Open ThursSun 104 or by appointment855 Chifley Road (Bells Line Road) ClarencePh: 0400 347 694'